• "It is not about your resources, it is about your resourcefulness."
    Tony Robbins

Our courses and community give you telepractice tools, training, support and confidence.

Telepractice is the delivery of services at a distance. Telepractice represents a rapidly growing, customer pleasing, and financially lucrative opportunity for professionals. This method of service delivery offers significant benefits for individual practitioners; groups; organizations; clinics and academic programs. The Telepractice Certification Community (TCC) leads the world in helping individuals and organizations exploit the potential of telepractice by offering comprehensive, up to date support and information at an affordable cost in user-friendly formats.

We keep things simple and easy. While telepractice offers great opportunities, its implementation requires preparation, resources, time and skill-development. We will help you. Our resources, training and information bank will simplify your telepractice implementation; ease your fears; reduce your start-up costs; help you troubleshoot; and be there for you on an ongoing basis. The TCC website and activities will be updated frequently to keep up with the rapid changes and growth occurring in the area of telemedicine and telepractice.

Through telepractice you will improve client access to your services, grow your practice, and enhance the quality and cost of service provision. Whether you want to expand your practice, offer some services part time, or boost your employability, start your telepractice experience now and your telepractice service straightaway!

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