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Blink Session video platform for SLPs.  The practice experts at telepracticecommunity® advise the blink designers on optimal features for SLPs. 

The Corporate Speech Pathology Network for speech pathologists providing training in effective communication offered a 3-hour course for its members using the telepracticecommunity® expert instructors.

ASHA Telepractice Key Issues: We support ASHA SIG 18 and have taught more than 30 courses that provided ASHA approved CEUS for telepractice training.

International Association of Orofacial Myology offered its members a 4.5 live, hour course on providing services at a distance.  The course was not only in-person at its annual convention in Chicago but simultaneously broadcast live to its virtual participants with hands-on experience for all.  

AphasiaToolbox®the world leader in providing aphasia treatment and practice online since 2005.  SpeechEasy is a combination of proven technology and techniques which can be used to reduce stuttering.

Bloomsburg University utilized the expert telepracticecommunity staff to establish the telepractice component of its graduate curriculum. 

March of Dimes Canada.   The telepractice staff offered an online training in supplying services at a distance to selected staff of the MDC. 

Our staff have offered formal presentations for SLPs at the OH; IL; PA; and FL state conventions and as an integral component of workshops at 22 other state conventions.  

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