Courses with formal ASHA CEUs

Online, Live, Hands-on Telepractice Courses WITH formal  3.0 ASHA CEUs

Telepractice is growing fast.  Do not be left behind.  If you want to start offering services at a distance now or want to learn more about telepractice, this is THE course for you.  Taught by experts with over a decade of telepractice experience, by the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • schedule, join, host and start a tele-session.
  • conduct a session including the use of a full-featured whiteboard.
  • share and create materials and stimuli.
  • record in real-time, store and share session notes.
  • use many features including chat, share screen, and record.
  • troubleshoot and use technical support.
  • obtain a free Webex account and learn about paid accounts.
  • discuss any personal questions you may have about telepractice.
  • How to enhance your resume and your job status,  grow your private practice,  plan for the future exploiting telepractice.

You will acquire competencies guaranteed with post-practice sessions available at no extra charge.   In addition, the course will cover legal, professional, licensure, marketing promotion, and ethical issues.   The actual course is 3 hours but real learning time is 4-6 hours; included is extra time learning to join a meeting; setup your computer, gain additional practice and peer networking.  You will receive a certificate of attendance and will qualify for certification from the Telepractice Certification Community.

To participate in a course with formal ASHA CEU's the cost is $140.00.  Contact Eric Blicker at [email protected] Eric will register you and apply ASHA CEUs after the course.

If you have questions about the course content, or other professional issues, contact  [email protected] or call 724.494.2534

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