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2019 TelepracticeCommunity Salary and Benefits Survey Results Link:  See 2018, 2017, 2016 results below.

 Discussion of the 2019 Telepractice Survey:     An analysis of survey results suggests to us - some progress, some stagnation, and some regression for SLPs and companies who provide services at a distance.   We teleSLPs will scrutinize these survey results, with an eye toward key issues in our profession and our service provision such as:  salary and benefit expectation; selling contracts to schools; optimal use of platforms, salary negotiations; professional satisfaction, advances training, customer satisfaction; etc.   

Knowledge is power.  Use these results in salary discussions, setting PP rates, potential market research, IC contract negotiations, and more.  One insight from the survey suggest a real advantage for those SLPs who start their own business or add a telepractice component to an existing practice.  For a free, individualized consultation from THE telepractice training and business coaching experts on how to do these in a low-stress, affordable way  schedule here.

We had a significant 58% increase in respondents for this year's survey.  Responses regarding telepractice experience are almost even with these answers: "I gained telepractice experience from my company's training" and "I learned about telepractice on my own" while almost  10% "...trained with the telepracticecommunity's online courses."     The leading settings for Tele-SLPs are 1st the School System & 2nd Private Practice.

Most teleSLP are Independent Contractors who work for one company which leads to the many questions and posts concerning IC vs employee status on Telepractice for SLPs FB page  .   Seventy-five percent of respondents indicated a level of satisfaction with telepractice, either "I am very satisfied." or "I am somewhat satisfied."  

Open the survey now and learn what other teleSLPs think so that you can make your own decisions about the profession. 

For expert and experienced help with tele-training, business coaching or organizational telepractice counseling, contact us at [email protected] [email protected] or call 724.831.8353  .

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